Museum Guide:

A Museum is interesting only when the artifacts in the museum are brought to life. What better way, than to have a museum guide to take us round, recount those wonderful tales and explain our history and culture to us? Is it not a challenge to enrich people with our own culture and heritage ? We are in search of such people who will be able to spare some time to help today’s generation appreciate and assimilate our culture. Please send us an email or drop us a line to volunteer.

Computer Center:

Every evening the computer centre trains poor children in the following software. If you are competent to teach and have desire to make a difference to their lives, kindly send us an email or drop us a line.

  1. Microsoft Windows 98
  2. Microsoft Office
  3. Tally

Coaching Center for Children:

Every Evening poor students between classes IV and XII gather in the tuition centre to study their subjects in a silent environment and under the guidance of a competent teacher/senior. We require persons with an avid interest to teach these children and help them with their studies. To volunteer, kindly send us an email or drop us a line.