Vivekananda’s Nine Day Stay at Castle Kernan

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Swami Vivekananda stayed at Castle Kernan (later Vivekananda House) and asked the Reception Committee to arrange the program and inform him of the subjects he was supposed to speak on.

It was planned that his first appearance would be in order to reply to the main address of welcome, that of the Vivekananda Reception Committee presented on behalf of the people of Madras. Afterwards there were to be four public lectures devoted to his message to the world and to India, and to the means of building up a national spiritual life in India suited to altered conditions. The following subjects were chosen:
(1) ‘My Plan of Campaign’
(2) ‘The Sages of India’
(3) ‘Vedanta in its Application to Indian Life’
(4) ‘The Future of India’
At Alasinga’s request, the Swami also consented to deliver a lecture at the Triplicane Literary Society2 on ‘The Work Before Us’; and there were to be two morning sessions at the Castle when people could put questions to him.
The Raja of Khetri, devoted disciple of Swamiji, sent his Private Secretary, Munshi Jagmohanlal, all the way to Madras to present an address of welcome on his behalf. From the first day to the last of his visit he was besieged at all hours by visitors of all classes and of both sexes. There were crowds constantly waiting in front of the Castle at all hours of the day and even after dusk.